Hike for Fun through the green woods on the Great Island of Calarasi

We have started a new phase of the Green Tourism Products project! This stage is for hiking events along the Danube in one of the most beautiful green areas in Calarasi - the Big Island.

The first two events will take place over the course of several days during June 13-16 and June 27-30, and are designed for nature lovers and outdoor outdoors, the green cod and the beaches of the Great Isle.

The registration process has started, so do not hesitate and fill in the registration form available in the section of the event you want to participate (HIKE for FUN - Island Trail or HIKE for FUN - Danube Trail Adventure) depending on when you can escape from the daily routine.

Sign up for these events is FREE, but in limited number (20 people / event)!

The hiking events aim to promote ecological tourism and the natural areas on the Danube and Borcea, where the deltaic fauna and flora are of unique beauty!

The Great Island is a piece of heaven where rare species of birds and rare animals can be found, mostly covered with forests that combine beautiful lianas and wild vines. Here live the most beautiful endangered birds: the blue fisherman, various species of eagle, the Danube falcon, the eagle, the pond, the silvi, the siskin and the goldfinch. Through this event, we want to promote green tourism by exploring the Great Island on foot, on hiking trails identified here, in the heart of nature, on lesser-known paths that hide a breathtaking natural wealth along the Danube .

If you are looking for a unique personal experience in places to inspire you and bring you closer to the true unaltered values ​​that comes for free, then you are invited in a beautiful adventure on our proposed routes where you will discover fascinating destinations for you, the lover of unblemished paths and authentic beauty.

Come along with us through the green cod on the island to discover a fascinating landscape with exceptional, unique biodiversity that has spawned year after year to give us a unique and so diverse show through the delta's flora and fauna along the Danube.

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