Starting from the desire to promote the green banks of the Danube and to make the cultural and natural heritage of the areas north and south of the Danube, Harald Gormsson (AIRI-HG) Association wishes to capitalize on this opportunity by proposing new accessible and environmentally friendly tourist packages that consist of hiking and marathon (running) in those areas. These outdoor activities have perhaps experienced the greatest boom in recent years, but most of the time they were concentrated in mountain areas and less in the plains, hills and meadows along the Danube. The Green Tourism Products project aims to provide a more affordable alternative both financially and logistically, with the Danube being closer to the main urban centers than mountain regions.

It is proven that hiking has a positive effect both physically and perhaps more importantly in the century of speed, psychologically, reducing the accumulated stress and providing a tonus and a new energy to the body. Practically a hike can "load" you for a new week of work. The same can be said about running marathon (marathon) where medical studies have found the high endorphins, which explains the increased number of runners from year to year. It's what's called "runner's high". American physicist Jesse Pittsley, chairman of the American Society for Exercise Physiologists, found that while endorphins are chemically switched off, runners still have the "runner's high", most likely linked to serotonin and dopamine, responsible neurotransmitters and to combat depression. In conclusion, running races have an extraordinary effect on modern man. Hiking also enhances muscular tonus, reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, improves sleep quality, etc.

Practically, the Green Tour Pro project produces 2 travel products in the form of hiking and trekking for different types of people, from age and level of athletics, to the lifestyle of everyone, for those who want a pleasant walk in nature, or for those with competitive companies who need a challenge. Participants in these circuits in nature will have the opportunity to know the natural and cultural wealth of the two countries. The banks of the Danube are known for countless species of plants and animals: birds, fish, rodents, etc. Cultural heritage, including UNESCO and UNESCO protected areas the first objective to be mentioned is the city and fortress of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, it is distinct in variety, from antiquity, the Middle Ages or the modernism after the Second World War. The Danube has a lot to offer, and this project will make that worthwhile.

Consortium of the project
The Green Tourism Products project is implemented in partnership by three entities, as follows:
1. Principal Partner (Project Leader) - Sport Club Association ACTIS Calarasi
Contact: Daniel Bănățeanu, chairman
Address: Bulevardul Republicii, nr. 50B, Călărași
Phone: +40 0722 468 038
The purpose of ACTIS is to organize and develop sports activities, promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, and participate in sports activities and competitions. The association has relevant experience in the field of the project, playing an important role in the development of essential sporting activities through its knowledge and expertise on how to organize and conduct sporting competitions in a safe and relaxing manner in the tourist areas of cross-border area.
In order to implement the "Green Tour Pro" project, the ACTIS Association has concluded a partnership with Calarasi CSM (Calarasi Municipal Sports Club) in order to participate in sporting competitions and to benefit from the support of local authorities in organizing and carrying out sports activities.

2. Partner 2 - Association ARETE-SPORT Vratsa
Contact:Ivan Valentinov Terziyski, președinte
Address: Han Krum 7,Vratsa, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 889 726 793
The ARETE-SPORT Association aims at promoting cross-border, regional, interregional, national and international cooperation, local cooperation, promoting a smart, sustainable and inclusive environment, as well as increasing and protecting cross-border identity. The Association also aims to promote the sustainable development of the regions, including the cross-border area between Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the encouragement, valorisation and development of tourism and the protection, preservation, promotion and development of cultural heritage and natural resources.
ARETE-SPORT is an active organization with experience in cross-border education. ARETE-SPORT works to ensure the balance between lesson material, interactive study techniques and the creation of best self-teaching practices. The approaches and methods provided for the project as well as the preparation of the association will provide the stability and traceability of the results of the grant agreement.

3. Partner 3 - The „HARALD GORMSSON” Association for the Improvement of Human Relations
Contact:Sebastian Baranga, președinte
Address:Mavrodin, cod poștal 147185, jud. Teleorman
Phone:+40 724 813 104
The HARALD GORMSSON Association for the Improvement of Human Relations works in the following areas: human and environmental protection, ecotourism development, cultural and rural tourism as an irrevocable part of the process of European inclusion, protection of historical and cultural heritage, encouraging European territorial cooperation, cross- and international, the development of economic and social prosperity; supporting and developing education.
„Harald Gormsson” Association has gained experience in the development of integrated tourism products, including the development of promotion strategies for different market segments: from traditional tourism to alternative tourism, such as eco-tourism, rural tourism, ecological and cultural tourism. The Association's highly qualified team has experience in developing different projects and reducing unemployment at national and transnational levels. The Association has developed a vast network of volunteers in the field of environmental and nature protection, which is an important resource for the implementation of project activities.

Project "Green Tourism Products" (Green Tour Pro) ROBG291 is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.
Total eligible value of the project: 498 884.65 euro
Amount of EU contribution: 424 850.04 euro ERDF

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