Let your mind run

`Cose it`s Friday, and our thoughts are already at free time and relaxing, whether it's active or not, we want to recommend you a book just right for the ardent soul of runners.

Today we recommend you a book about running, but especially about life, which offers countless reasons for reflection and joy.


In Let Your Mind Run, the author Deena Kastor reveals how she managed to incorporate the benefits of positive psychology into her core training, succeeding in establishing herself as the winner of the running race. Gathering together personal introspections with research on the human brain, this book will attract and motivate determined athletes and runners, dedicated coaches, but also anyone interested in overcoming their limits.

Let your mind run is a fascinating look inside an athlete's mind, a wonderful story about success and, especially, about how developing a positive attitude, with small steps, can cultivate a competitive side.


Let your mind run gives us the privilege of observing how the mind becomes Deena Kastor's most precious conquest in her athletic career.


In Deena Kastor's story I recognized the reasons why I also like to run, always wanting to reach new limits. It is essential that optimism dominates our way of thinking and learning. The book is addressed to all those who are looking for a balance and a healthy rhythm in life and sports.

Constantina Diță, marathon runner, gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics

 Sport educates you. Running gives you back your personal time!

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