Green Friday | Stop! Today the car is standing still!

Be responsible for the environment!

Green Friday is a voluntary initiative of the Ministry of Environment, through which citizens are encouraged to give up on Friday the classic travel by personal car and choose less polluting or even zero carbon footprint, non-polluting means of transport: scooter, walking, bicycle or those that are within everyone's reach.

Green Friday is an invitation to a different kind of behavior, an initiative that tries to change mentalities! It challenges us to act differently, even if only for one day a week, in order to reduce pollution. It is important to understand in unison that this time the CHOICE of each of us MATTERS!

Going to the office, home or on vacation is part of the life of each of us. Everyone is thinking of a mobilization focused on efficiency, speed and comfort, without taking into account the carbon footprint it leaves on the planet: over 70% of carbon dioxide emissions from transport come only from road traffic. Each of us prints the planet annually with over 7,000 kg of carbon dioxide: most of them we produce only by pressing the accelerator of our own car.

This is the day when each of us can lend a helping hand by choosing green transportation. We must get out of the area of ​​inertia and comfort and choose to act differently, motivated by the values ​​we believe in. Today we shout in unison STOP! Today the car is standing still!

Project "Green Tourism Products" (Green Tour Pro) ROBG291 is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.
Total eligible value of the project: 498 884.65 euro
Amount of EU contribution: 424 850.04 euro ERDF

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