Ruse Promenade

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Location: Bulgaria – Ruse
Route type: Running
Difficulty: Begginer
Route length: 4.20km

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Elias Canetti's House

Elias Canetti - Nobel laureate of Literature in 1981.

Aleksandrovska Street

The main street of the city is a mix of architectural buildings in different styles, neo-baroque, neo-rococo and other architectural styles.

Old Town of Ruse

It is located around the Russian History Museum and here are several buildings worth visiting. The "Liuben Karavelov" regional library, a former Bulgarian writer and militant of the national revival movement, is a Baroque style, predominantly in the city of Ruse, as well as the former bank of the brothers Ivan and Stefan Simeonov.

Freedom Monument

Monument became the emblem of the city of Ruse.

Theater Sava Ogneanov

The city theater built between 1898-1902 in neo-classical style, also a symbol of the city.

Ruse Museum of History

Founded in 1904, it is the site of 140,000 exhibits and its main exhibit is the Borovo treasure. It is all the objects extracted from the archaeological excavations in the medieval town of Cherven and the ancient fortresses of the Danube - Yatrus and Sexaginta Prista.

Roman fortress Sexaginta Prista

Ancient fortress in the city of Ruse, its name means the port of the sixty ships.

Casa de Kaliopa

It hosts an exhibition of everyday objects, clothes, jewelery, accessories, cutlery, etc. which presents the history of the urban development of the city of Ruse, its cultural diversity, its connection with Europe and the cultural influences that led to the development of the city in its present form. There are also reproductions, or layouts, of interiors from other historical periods, a living room, a music room, a bedroom, a drawing room.

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