Mamaia Boardwalk

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Location: Romania – Constanța
Route type: Running
Difficulty: Begginer
Route length: 1.00km

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Techirghiol Lake

Known for sapropelic sludge and saline water, which have special therapeutic effects for the joints.

Esmahan Sultan Mosque

The Mangalia Mosque is the oldest Muslim cult residence in the country, certified in 1575, and is surrounded by a 300-year-old Mohammedan cemetery. This mosque serves the Turkish-Tartu Muslim community in this area. The Mosque is a historical monument registered under the name Geamia Esmahan Sultan in the historical monuments list of Constanta County under the LMI CT-IIm-A-02901. In 2008, with the goodwill of a businessman, the mosque was plunged into capital repairs, being totally rebuilt.

Museum of Archeology Callatis

Following the modernization works of the city in the 1950s, a number of vestiges and artifacts were found that led to the establishment of the museum in 1959. The vestiges found are from Neolithic, Greek, Roman and Roman-Byzantine periods. The various vestiges present in the city, such as the defensive wall of Callatis, the Roman-Byzantine Necropolis and the Prince's Grave belong to this museum. Within the museum tourists can see columns, capitals, metropes, pottery, amphorae, lamps, statues, glass pots, funeral stars, inscriptions, representations of deities, jewelry and jewelry, coins, utensils and many other objects of historical significance as well as the time when the oldest written document from our country was found, the tomb with papyrus, dating back to the 4th century BC.

Herghelia Mangalia

Founded in 1926, it was originally pure Arab blood brought from other herbs in the country, and in the 1930s and early 1940s, new purebloods were brought from Poland. Currently the stud has 320 pure Arab blood, 8 ponies and has a race track.

Mangalia Tourist Port

Port for small boats, up to 18 m long, is the most modern tourist port in Romania and it departs to the ports near the Black Sea, the Romanian ones Vama Veche, May 2, Limanu, Venus, Neptun, Olimp , Costinesti, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Agigea, Constanta, Mamaia or Midia or nearby countries, Varna for example. Local businesses organize walks at sea.

Comorova Forest

Originally there was a forest with some species of oak trees (Quercus robur), also including cedar trees, cypress trees, and four families with a total of 14 souls, a family of Greek fishermen, turkey or Romanian breeders, and Bulgarian gardeners who have cut a large part of the forest in time, and today, the resorts of Olimp, Neptune, Jupiter, Aurora, Venus and Saturn appeared. At this time it is declared forest reserve and dendrological park with a surface of 1.2ha.

Limanu Cave

With a length of 3.64km, located in the Limanu area on the shores of Lake Mangalia, Limanu Cave is considered a natural monument.

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