Svinita - Dubova

Route details

Location: Romania – Mehedinți
Route type: Hiking
Difficulty: Begginer
Route length: 43.80km

Route map


Ponicova cave

Having over1660 meters long galleries it is the most cave in the Danube Gorge. Access is made from the land or the Danube, and at the entrance to the cave, a 25 m long natural bridge, 7 m high, and some short bridges are formed from the Ponicova brook.

Decebal's face

It is a 55 m high rock-cut basalt, the highest sculpture of its kind in Europe, and was funded by businessman Iosif Constantin Dragan. The sculpture took 10 years between 1994 and 2004.

Ecotouristic route Cazanele Mari

A route marked with a yellow equilateral triangle over white is one of the most popular ecotourism trails of the area for its spectacular landscapes and wildlife. What makes this route a special one is that one can see a unique tulip species, the Cazane Tulip, which grows on the rocky walls of the Ciucarul Mare.

Ecotouristic route Cazanele Mici

The route is marked with an equilateral triangle with a white border with a medium difficulty level, which offers the hiker a lot of points where he can admire the beauty of the place.

The medieval fortress TRICULE (TRI-KULE)

A fortress built in the 16th century was occupied by Austrians, Turks and Haidians, due to its strategic position. It originally had 3 towers, of which only two remained, each with two levels with the link between them on the palisade walls.

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