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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain what data we collect through the website, why we collect and what we do with it. This information is important. We hope you read them carefully. 

Our Association Asociaţia pentru Îmbunătățirea Relațiilor Interumane „Harald Gormsson” (AIRI-HG), with its registered office in Mavrodin, Teleorman County, Unique Registration Code / CIF 36586360, having IBAN No RO60 BTRL RONC RT03 3625 7701, opened at the Bank Transylvania, represented by Sebastian Baranga as legal representative, as the author, owner and administrator of the website and as an "operator" within the meaning of the rules established by national law and the General Regulation on Protection (Regulation No 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC) (English - RGPD, English - GDPR), which entered into force on May 25, 2018, respects the right to life of the people who access the website and ensures the correct protection of Personal Data Processing (DCP) for visitors and users. 
Visitors - people who visit , anonymous; 
Users - people who use the site and fill in the contact / enrollment forms on the website. 

While you can access the content of the website without providing any personal information except cookies and IP (in this regard, please consult the Cookie Policy for further details), which could fall into the category of personal data ( visitor), if you fill out online personal information, our association can then use it for the purpose stated in this document. 
Your personal data will be processed solely on the basis of the express and unambiguous consent for such processing. Therefore, making available the data / information requested through the website is considered to be your express consent for your personal data to be used by the partners of the Green Tourism Products Association ACTIS, project leader, and ARETE-Sport, as a partner, for the purposes listed below. 

We caution visitors and users expressly that all personal data processing refers only to people who have reached the age of 16. Use of the site by children under the age of 16 is forbidden. However, if such a situation occurs, resulting in the processing of personal data of children under the age of 16, we will cease processing these data as soon as we know of such fact. The responsibility for the use of the site by children belongs exclusively to legal parents / guardians. 

The Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted at e-mail address . The personal data we request by filling in the communication forms on the website are: 
- name and surname 
- email adress 
- phone number 
- city 
age category 
- sex 
If you do not agree to the processing of your personal data, please do not fill out the user forms on the site, you can send us your e-mail or phone message using the data entered on the site. 

For situations where your personal data is complemented by a third person, we do not take responsibility for the author of the enrollments. 

The purpose for which we process the personal data you provide by completing the user form from that section of the site is: 
- for your registration as a beneficiary of the services; 
- to receive further information by email about our sporting events, expressing your agreement freely by accessing the existing form; 
- to be able to comment on our services; 
- for further correspondence with you. 
- for the purpose of solving various requests / questions / complaints / complaints made by users. 
- for the legitimate interest of the association and partners in the Green Tourism Products project; eg for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending a right in the courts for internal administrative purposes; for the protection of copyright and related rights. 

The collection and processing of personal data is done in compliance with the rules established by the European Union and the national legislation, as follows: 
- Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data; 
- REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Text with EEA relevance), with the indication that it entered into force on 25.05.2018. 
- The Romanian Constitution, republished (Article 26); 
- Law no. 31/1990 on companies, republished, as subsequently amended and supplemented; 
- Law no. 287/2009 of 17 July 2009 on the Civil Code, republished, as subsequently amended and supplemented; 
- Law no. 134/2010 on the new Civil Procedure Code, republished; 
- Law no. 677/2001, as subsequently amended and supplemented, as well as subsequent regulations (Decisions of ANSPDCP). 
In the case of site visitors, AIRI-HG does not know about them, except for their IP address and cookies (for more details, please see the Cookie Privacy Policy), but monitors the number of visitors and sections sites that are visited for statistical purposes. 

AIRI-HG follows the legitimate interest of easy communication with its target audience, attracting new people, and monitors the site's use of visitors to conduct its current business. 

The personal data you have entered on this website are also seen by other legal entities, our associated or authorized agents as follows: 
- categories of authorized operators: 
- IT programmers and developers who are responsible for maintaining, modifying the application, updating actions made by the selected provider to maintain the website; 
- IT specialists in charge of infrastructure security. 

The personal data you have provided us is stored physically on the email address of the employee who provided the responses from that associated operator to a single address of the service provider, and on a general level on a web site located within the EU territory, under the management of the website hosting service provider and with the access granted to the associated operators and which meets the highest security standards accepted at the current IT industry level. 

Within these server transfer processes, your data may be transferred strictly for the purposes listed and under the terms of the company's privacy policy.

The period in which we keep users' data on the site is determined by the following criteria: 
1. For persons who have completed the enrollment - for a period necessary to comply with the legal provisions on archiving and the protection of AIRI-HG's interests; 
2. For other users who do not meet the criteria in paragraph 1 above, the data will be processed by the association without a time limit, with the possibility of withdrawing your consent at any time, which will be brought back to the attention of with a frequency of no more than 5 (five) years. 
3. In the case of occasional visitors, personal data is not collected and stored, except cookies and IP address, to which the Cookie Policy will be considered. 

AIRI-HG will not disclose your personal data for use by third parties other than those mentioned. Personal data collected may be used only partially (eg email - only name and surname, address / lady address, and e-mail address). 

Users of the site have the following rights to exercise the following rights in relation to AIRI-HG: 
1. Right of access to personal data - means the right to access the data in the completed form. 
If you believe this Privacy Policy is not sufficiently clear, you may have access to information by submitting a request to from where you can find out: 
- which is the purpose of processing your personal data? 
- What categories of personal data are involved? 
- who are the recipients to whom personal data has been provided? 
- what is the period for which personal data will be stored? 

2. Right to Data Rectification - In case you notice that your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request rectification or completion by submitting a request to: . 
If personal data is not entered by you as a person concerned, you are entitled to request any available information on their origin and this will be provided to you as far as it is available and only if the author the provision of data. To do this, you will need to provide us with data that demonstrates that data is not provided through your direct action. You can ask separately whether they are processed or not, and if so, you can request access to them as well as certain information about them. At your request, you will also be able to receive a copy of the completed form. 
You must be aware that any rectification will be made within a period of at least one month but, under special circumstances, we may extend this term to two months, in which case we will inform you of the extension. Also, if we do not respond to your request for rectification or we will not respond to you, and if we do not reach agreement on the rectification deadline, you have the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority Persona Person Data and an appeal in court. 

3. Right to Deletion or "Right to Forgotten" - is your right to obtain from our association the deletion of personal data on the site without undue delay, and we, as operators, have an obligation to do so demand if there is one of the following reasons: 
- the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed, 
- You withdraw your consent on the basis of which processing takes place; 
- when you oppose the processing of your data; 
- when there are uncertainties about the lawfulness of the processing of personal data; 
- if there is a legal obligation that we will observe as an operator; 
- if personal data belong to children under the age of 16, and parents or persons exercising parental rights withdraw their consent. 
In turn, depending on the available technology and cost of implementation, we will take reasonable steps, including technical measures, to inform all processors who have had access to personal data that you have requested to delete them, including children or links that make reference to that data. 
The situations in which we DO NOT have the obligation to respond to your request to delete your personal information are: 
- exercising the right to freedom of expression and information; 
- compliance with a legal obligation; 
- reasons of public interest in public health; 
- purposes of archiving in the public interest, scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes; 
- establishing, exercising or defending a right in court. 

4. Right to Restrict Access to Personal Data - means one of the following: 
- Correct incorrect or inaccurate data, you may request that access be restricted to them for the period of data verification and rectification; 
- if you find that processing is illegal, but you do not want to delete your personal data, instead requesting restrictions on their use; 
- if our company no longer requires personal data or the storage deadline is met, but you want us to keep it for use in court action; 
- if you are against processing, you may still request that access to your personal information be restricted as long as we verify that our legitimate rights as an operator prevail over your right to oppose your processing. Also, if there is a situation of lifting the restriction on processing, we will inform you in due time. 

5. The right to withdraw your consent - for data processing only if your data is processed as a result of the express agreement, you may at any time send an email to , through which let us know that you no longer agree with the processing of your personal data. 
The mail should include information about the personal data for which you want to withdraw your consent, the purpose for which it was provided, and the channels of communication for which you choose to withdraw your consent. 
Withdrawal of consent / consent to the processing of your personal data has the effect of terminating communications and processing, as well as collaboration. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of processing under consent prior to its withdrawal. 

6. The right to data portability - is the possibility that you have to receive the data provided in the format we currently use, but which can be read automatically. You can also ask us to pass on this data - automatically - to another operator (legal entity), as you will indicate. 

7. The right to oppose your processing - applies only to the particular situations or cases you are in; is your right to ask us not to process your data for the purpose of creating profiles. An exception to this rule is the fact that there are legitimate reasons that prevail over your right to object, such as: finding, exercising or defending a right in court, yourself or another user. 
All the above mentioned rights are exercised by submitting a written, dated and signed application at the Asociaţia pentru Îmbunătățirea Relațiilor Interumane „Harald Gormsson” (AIRI-HG), with its registered office in Mavrodin, Teleorman County, or by e-mail: , except for the right to address to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing and the Court of Justice (through a single appeal), which is exercised by written request to the competent authority. 

By default, uses different types of functional cookies to improve your experience with the use of this site. For more information about our cookie policy or cookies and how to enable / disable, please see the cookie policy available on our site. 
E-mails are processed only for the purpose of conducting correspondence with you. If the team responsible for managing incoming messages can not answer your question, it will send your e-mail to another internal or external service. You can be informed by e-mail about this service and the fact that your request will be taken over by that service. If you have questions about processing your mail and personal data, you can include them in the message you are addressing to us. 

We also use social media channels to present the activity, services and particular conditions we provide to our audience. Using the specific social media channel is highlighted on this site with buttons specific to each channel. 
You can track the presentations we load on our site or those associated with Facebook and Instagram. 

Each social media channel has its own policy on how it processes your personal data when you access their sites. 

For example, if you look at our Facebook activities, you will be asked for explicit consent to accepting Facebook cookies; the same is true for other services. If you have any questions or questions about the use of your personal data by those sites associated with the above-mentioned media channels, you should carefully read the privacy policies provided by them before using them. 

For information on the purpose and volume of data collection and the further processing and subsequent use of Facebook data, as well as your rights in this respect and the configuration options to protect your privacy, please refer to Facebook Data Protection . If you do not want Facebook to associate your collected Facebook data with your Facebook page, you must sign out of Facebook to access our web site. 

We will disclose your personal data to entities outside of the Green Tourism Products project if we believe in good faith that accessing, using, keeping or disclosing such information is reasonably necessary or is required for: 
- compliance with the law, judicial or administrative legal proceedings or at the request of any entitled authority; 
- preventing or combating computer fraud, information security or technical security issues; 
- Protecting against AIRI-HG's rights, property or safety violations and partners of the Green Tourism Products project, our users, as stipulated or permitted by law. 

Our privacy policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals, including products or webpages that may be displayed in search results, webpages that may include AIRI-HG services or other linked websites within services our. Our privacy policy does not include information practices that belong to other companies and organizations that advertise our services and who may use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to display and deliver relevant ads. 

Our privacy policy may change periodically. Your rights under this Privacy Policy may be diminished or expanded under the new laws. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the website and, if the changes are important, we will provide an email notification about changes to the Privacy Policy. 
Continuing your access to the content of constitutes an acceptance of our privacy policy. 

For any suggestions or complaints about the content of the privacy policy, please contact us at the previously specified email address. 

If your personal data has been modified and consequently needs to be updated, we ask you to promptly communicate this to the following address: Asociaţia pentru Îmbunătățirea Relațiilor Interumane „Harald Gormsson” (AIRI-HG), with its headquarters in Mavrodin commune, Teleorman County, with the clear mention on the envelope "Request GDPR" or by e-mail at: 

The general storage term is for the entire duration of the collaboration and subsequently for a period of 5 years after the end of the project implementation period and the closure of the INTERREG-VA Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020 program, determined according to the specific criteria listed above, after which will be deleted or anonymized as appropriate.

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