HIKE for FUN – Balkan Adventure Tour

Connect with Nature and Collect Experiences on this epic hiking journey through in the north-western Bulgaria! Take in splendid architecture proof of the living of our ancestors, small traditional villages and outstanding breathtaking fall scenery.

On the HIKE for FUN - Balkan Adventure Tour, our mission is to serve as a bridge between you, travelers, who are ready to seek out adventure and collect new experiences, and our hosts and local villagers who are eager to provide you with the best thrills and amazement possible inside the Belogradchik area!  

The Balkans reveal their rare beauty, warm culture and colourful history for all to enjoy. Explore ancient crossroads and delve into the revival of a region once scarred by conflict and wars.

This region is remarkable for its popular culture and lifestyle, its search for beauty and for Bulgarians desire for freedom during the Bulgarian National Renaissance.

Let's discover together, step by step, the picturesque area around Belogradchik, through the new HIKE for FUN - Balkan Adventure Tour!

In Bulgaria, the Belogradchik forest and unique place to connect with nature in the fall await us, where we will discover, by foot, hiking trails among the most spectacular rock formations in the Balkans, considered to be the natural wonders of the country, some of them reaching up to 200 meters in height.

HIKE for FUN – Balkan Adventure Tour will take place in the period November 1st – 4th. Its objective is to promote green and historic tourism, by exploring the Belogradchik area, by foot.

If you are looking for a unique personal experience in places that inspire and bring you closer to the true values ​​that are unaltered, we invite you in a beautiful adventure on our trails, where you will discover exciting destinations for you, the lover of unpaved paths and authentic beauty.

Please keep in mind that any information about the official program can be modified before November 1st. We recommend that you periodically check the official program until the day of the event. Details can be found on the Green Tourism Products project web page - www.greentourpro.eu, as well as on the Facebook page @GreenTourPro.


Info HIKE for FUN – Balkan Adventure Tour

Very often tourism is built on the detriment of nature. We think and do differently, always putting the effort in preserving nature and supporting local communities. Our core value is the belief that sustainable travel with local experiences is the best travel!

HIKE for FUN – Belogradchik Adventure Tour is an outdoor event, which aims to promote green tourism in the Belogradchik area, where the columns of rocks form a natural fortress, whose defensive potential has been exploited since ancient times. 

Who can attend: This event is intended for a limited number of participants. The total number of participants is 20, and the principle is "the first come, the first served".


What we offer: - between November 1st and 3rd - accommodation & lunch at Madona Inn in Falkovets

                        - starting November 3rd to 4th - accommodation in tents & lunch in the middle of the nature.


Equipment: the following equipment will be offered for free use to the 20 participants exclusively during the event (tent, sleeping bag, hiking backpack, hiking sticks, camping furniture - tables, folding chairs, cooking equipment and accessories, shovels, front lanterns).

Participation kit: each participant will be offered a free kit containing: t-shirt, cap, raincoat, key ring, pen, agenda, memory stick (64 gb).


Meeting point & time:




Thursday, November 1st, starting 16:00, at the Madona Inn from Falkovets the following activities will be carried out:

- registration of participants;

- the formalities for the accommodation of those residing outside the town of Falkovets, at a minimum distance of 50 km;

- delivery of participation kits;

- technical meeting (meeting room of the Madona Inn).


- hiking initiation course and presentation of the hiking activities and camping rules and recommendations;

- hiking trip on touristic route;

- lunch;

- hiking trip to touristic location – „The Venetsa cave”.


- trail and hiking program brief presentation;

- hiking trip to natural landmark "The Astronomical Observatory - Belogradchik";

- outdoor lunch;

- hiking trip to tents location;

- fire camp.


- camping site decommissioning;

- trail and hiking program brief presentation;

- hiking trip to touristic route;

- returning camping equipment;

- lunch and departure participants.





The event package contains the following: t-shirt, cap, raincoat, key ring, pen, agenda, memory stick (64 gb).



Registration can only be done ONLINE, on the website www.greentourpro.eu, the section exclusively created for the hiking event, until October 30th, 2019 (within the limited places available).




HIKE for FUN – Balkan Adventure Tour is a hiking event, which will take place from November 1st to 4th, 2019 in the Belogradchik natural area. Through this event we aim to promote green and historical tourism, by exploring, by foot, some hiking trails identified in this area, in the heart of nature.

The route runs in a natural setting, through forests, on rugged terrain (earth/ gravel), on ascending/ descending paths through the characteristic vegetation of the area, to meet many Belvedere points, from where we will have absolutely impressive and spectacular landscapes.

Throughout the event you will be accompanied by the members of the Organizer team.

It is strictly forbidden to deviate from the trail proposed and crossed by the group of participants, as well as to abandon the camping area.

Hike for Fun - Balkan Adventure Tour event is intended for hikers in the middle of wild nature on rugged terrain at moderate pace for several hours.

IMPORTANT: All participants must read carefully, understand and agree to all the conditions set out below, in order to participate in this event.



  1. Event details

The routes are in an area with remarkable tourist potential, but unexploited, in the middle of nature, through forest, on rugged and rocky terrain.


  1. Event objective

- popularizing the hiking trails in the event area;

- educating participants in the spirit of nature protection.


  1. Who can attend

The minimum age of registration* is 14 years.

Minors can only participate either with a parent (confirmed with the CI on the spot) or on the basis of the Declaration on their own responsibility signed by the parent (or legal guardian), who is aware of this regulation and assumes, along with the participant, the risks and the implications of participating in this event. Unaccompanied minor participants will come to the event with the Declaration signed by the parent/ guardian.

Although this event is also for beginners, HIKE for FUN - Balkan Adventure Tour organizers recommend to participate that only those who are medically fit and experienced and have spent the night in the middle of nature, in tent.

In case of illness, it is 100% advisable to consult your doctor before going on hike with us! By not announcing to the Organizer that you are suffering from any illness, you assume the full risk arising from this.

Keep in mind that you will spend hours/ day walking in nature, and the weather can sometimes be difficult to predict. For these reasons it is recommended that you be well equipped for the hikes you take part in. Being properly equipped, you will have the guarantee that even in less favorable weather, hiking will be a pleasant experience.


* is considered the age fulfilled at the date of the event


  1. Equipment

The equipment is absolutely mandatory!

- sports shoes, with semi-rigid sole, and ankle protection;

- cap or bandana;

- appropriate clothing taking into account the weather forecast;

- long and warm clothes;

- waterproof pants;

- the medicines you know you usually use and something anti-allergic (eg: Claritin)

- solution against mosquitoes;

- sleeping pad/mattress;

- hydration containers.


  1. Warnings

Weather: Sometimes due to weather conditions and for your safety it will be necessary to partially or entirely change the route to be traveled. These changes will be made by mutual agreement, with the explanation of all the variants, but the Organizer will be the one who will make the final decision.

Organizer's instructions: All indications of the Organizer will be adhered to without comment, without trying to influence its decisions. Do not pass over the column head – the member of the Organizer team, and do not insist on remaining behind the tail – the member of the Organizer team, which acts as the closing of the group.

Do not exceed the break time communicated and imposed by the Organizer. Do not leave the group, except with the information of the Organizer. Do not deviate from the collective route. The organizer knows the route, will lead you on the safe route, just follow his trail. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters and a maximum of 3 meters between you. Keep up with the one in front. Do not use soothing medicines.

Help with all the strength and skill of those in difficulty, do not give up on those who are unable to move, call (notify) the Organizer on the spot. For any emergency call 112.


  1. Registration and validation

Registration is done by completing the registration form available on the website www.greentourpro.eu.

After completing the form, the registered person will receive an email confirming the registration.

Registration for this event is FREE.

ATTENTION: The last day of online registration is October 30th, 2019.

In total, 20 places are available.

The renunciation/ assignment of a place of registration must be made and announced by October 30th, 2019, 20:00, at the email address: office@actisclub.ro.

The validation of the entries and the lifting of the participant kit will take place on Thursday, November 1st, between 16:00 and 18:30, at the Madona Inn.

Upon validation of the registration, the identity card will be presented, the Declaration signed on its own responsibility in case of accident and the Attendance List.


  1. Withdrawal from the event

The ORGANIZER reserves the right to withdraw a participant in the following cases:


  1. Trail safety

Other people and animals can be found on the route. This fact attracts the obligation of the participants to respect the rules of civic conduct. Any accident involving HIKE for FUN participants, which occurred during the event due to non-observance of the rules of the event and the rules of civic conduct, will be the responsibility of those involved in the accident.

The participants are responsible for participating in this event, the Organizer assumes no obligation in case any of them get injured or injured or other consequences that may occur during this event.

THE ORGANIZER assumes no responsibility for lost or forgotten objects on the route during the event.


  1. Event canceling

The organizer reserves the right to change the location of the event at any time, with the obligation to announce the changes in advance.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel/ postpone the event in exceptional cases, on the condition that all participants are notified in advance. In case of bad weather conditions and/ or other special conditions, the Organizer reserves the right to stop the event or to change the time barriers.

In case of force majeure, we understand the events that could influence the smooth running of the event such as: major floods, natural disasters or other major events that cause the Organizer to cancel HIKE for FUN.

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